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The .me extension is the TLD extension for the country of Montenegro. This extension was offered to the world shortly after Montenegro gained its independence in 2006. The governing body for .me is doMEn and sponsored by the Montenegro government. As there are not any registration restrictions, anyone may register a .me domain for 1 to 10 years at a time. 

Benefits of .me domain

In this day and age, not having a web presence, could put you at a disadvantage. There’s not a better domain extension to use than .me when marketing yourself, Share your life with the world, showcase your portfolio, list your accomplishments, post your resume, the possibilities and benefits are limitless. Having your own website will certainly place attention on you. Land your dream job by standing out from the crowd with your own site. Show potential employers what you’re about and what you have to offer the world.

Have Fun

The .me is also a popular extension used for domain hacks. What is a domain hack? This is when you use the host name in conjunction with the domain extension to spell out a phrase or some other clever expression. Some examples are as follows include:, or So be creative and have fun with .me. Get your .me domain today!